Lisa S

With more than 35 years of experience in Health Care, Lisa S. is our industry expert. Lisa S. assumed the role of CEO in 2017 after serving as the COO since 2010, but she has been a partner in Physicians DataTrust since the inception. Starting out on the clinical side of healthcare in the late 1970’s, she has seen the development and growth of managed care. Lisa S. has spent time in the primary care office, hospital, as Claims Manager, IPA Administrator, Director, and Vice President of Operations. She has managed multi-physician groups and directed every facet of the managed care system. As HMO products emerged, Lisa S. adapted to the transformation and found her niche. During the transition, she developed a quality assurance program which increased the accuracy of claims payments and saved money. Over time, Lisa S. has worked to streamline claims and referral processes, enhance provider communication and involvement, and target patient population through the creation of program committees. She currently sits on all IPA committees, including quality improvement and disease management.  Lisa S.  is a strong proponent of continued education, life long learning, and paying it forward. In 2008, she created and continues to manage a non-profit corporation, Friends in Need Helping Friends Indeed, aimed at providing assistance to terminally ill individuals and their families. She continually gives back to the community through various charities. Lisa shapes the heart of Physicians DataTrust by driving economic success and inspiring others to become the extraordinary together.