Cheryl S.

Cheryl S., RN/CM supports all Physicians DataTrust Clients as the Vice President of Clinical Services. Her leadership and aptitude is built on years of clinical and business experience. Cheryl obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and went on to attain her RN Certification from the Brockton Hospital School of Nursing in Massachusetts. After serving as a Caregiver and Director to children and adults with special needs at Crystal Springs School and Work Program, Cheryl entered the medical field in 1995 and built her hands-on clinical knowledge in the acute care setting of a Cardiac Care Unit. The foundation she gained in acute care developed the necessary clinical knowledge to move into other areas of interest. After several years as Director of Nursing Services (DNS) in a Skilled Nursing Facility, she accepted the challenge of Registered Nurse Case Manager with Physicians DataTrust in 2008. In this role, she incorporated her clinical skills with the business knowledge learned as DNS to successfully case manage high-risk patients of the IPA. Her philosophy is health is more than care, it’s quality of life. As Vice President of Clinical Services beginning in mid-2012, Cheryl oversees the UM and QI processes of all contracted IPAs ensuring the highest level of compliance, efficiency, and humanity in managed care.