Empowering Independent Physicians

Since 2001, Physicians DataTrust (PDT) has been providing state-of-the-art management services to independent physicians at the best price. We specialize in managing independent physicians with commercial, Medicare Advantage, Cal MediConnect, Covered California, and Medi-Cal managed care patients.

PDT offers one of the most robust Quality Improvement and Clinical Services programs. We strive to exceed regional standards in bed-days, the average length of stays, ER readmits, and overall utilization management. Furthermore, almost 60% of our referrals have a determination within 24 hours. Coupled with our care management program, PDT facilitates communication and enables speedy recovery without stress on patients, families, or physicians.

Our unique infrastructure is built on years of experience in the managed care industry, cutting-edge technology, and tenured staff. Utilizing the best available approaches ensures compliance, integrity, and success for independent physicians. As the industry evolves, our proactive grassroots approach ensures stability and strength for independent physicians in the complex business environment of healthcare. Simply put, PDT knows managed care like our doctors know patient care, and it’s our job to empower independent physicians to thrive in managed healthcare