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We firmly believe that together we will achieve the extraordinary. When looking for your next MSO, choose the company that partners in your growth. We are the US in trust!

Physicians DataTrust specializes in managing Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) with Commercial, Medicare Advantage, Cal MediConnect, Medicaid, and Covered California managed care (HMO) patients. Our unique administrative infrastructure is built on decades of experience in the managed care industry, cutting edge technology, and tenured staff. Utilizing the best available approaches to managed care ensures compliance, integrity, and success for independent physicians in the complex business environment of health care.

We have an IPA comprised of well-educated and devoted doctors, but as independent physicians we found ourselves struggling to compete financially in the managed care arena. In 2002, we enlisted management from Physicians DataTrust. In the past 8 years, we overcame a deficit and have achieved financial profitability. During these challenging economic times, we are confident that we will continue to succeed. Physicians DataTrust has produced stability and security where we normally encounter volatility in the managed care industry.

Victor Dalforno, MD, Greater Tri Cities IPA President